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New RMM Update 06/12/2015

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  • New RMM Update 06/12/2015

    Hi Everyone,

    We are happy to announce that we have a new release on Comodo RMM. You can see the release notes below.

    What's new:

    - Site Deployment Agent: You can use same agent to enroll multiple devices. You can configure installers on domain controller for automatic deployment.
    - Notification and chat settings: You can enable / disable notifications and chat window per customer.
    - Improved Web Portal. The web portal is redesigned and we added list of devices, notification settings, download option for 32 / 64 bit console and other minor tweaks
    - Improved Admin Console. If a devices changes status, Inventory list is automatically refreshed.
    - We improved takeover device process in Admin Console. You can takeover with a single click
    - Enhanced session window with detailed endpoint information: Agent version, operating system and host name

    What's fixed:
    - We fixed occasional issue with plugins stuck in loading state in session window.
    - Missing scroll bar in web console login window
    - Any alert created/closed in RMM will create/close a ticket in service desk
    - Some other medium and minor bugs

    You agents and administrator consoles should be updated in a few hours.

    If you see a problem, you can restart the PC or just kill the RMM process on that PC (Unit.exe and Unitmanager.exe) and than run RMM agent / administrator console again, it would speed up the update process.

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    Adding some screen shot from RMM web portal.



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