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Comodo Device Management 4.5 Released!

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  • Comodo Device Management 4.5 Released!

    Hi all,

    We would like to announce new version of Comodo Device Management (CDM) 4.5

    With 4.5 release, you can manage and secure Windows laptops, desktops, workstations and servers. Also, IOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Comodo Device Management (CDM) enable you to control all of your devices from one console.

    We already provided 7 layered security (Anti-virus, Firewall, Cloud File intelligence, HIPS, Containment, behavior analysis and Web URL filtering) for your endpoints. With this version remote control and visibility is improved over anti-virus. You can configure granular AV policies with profiles and trigger scans on real time as addition. You would be able to see immediately if any malware found on the system. You will have full info about security status of your inventory.

    One important reminder, Comodo Device Management (CDM) has basic version which has full Mobile Device Management, Mobile Application Management, Mobile Security Management and limited time Windows Endpoint Security Management FOR FREE!!!

    You can get your free license from below link right away and start using it... If you already have Comodo ONE account, please check your Appstore to enable CDM inside your portal.

    And please don't forget, You can use Comodo Cloud Servers start using it in a few minutes or you can deploy it to your internal servers and host on your company. Both options are available.

    Release notes:

    What is new?

    1. New interface for easy and intuitive navigation.
    2. Anti-virus management over CDM portal: Admin would be able to configure scheduled scans and trigger on demand scans over CDM.
    3. Sandbox history: Admin would be able to see the history of executables which ran inside sandbox.
    4. Quarantine List: Admin would be able to see the full list of files that are quarantined with options of permanently removing it or restoring them to original location.
    5. Computer infection report: Admin would be able to get reports about current and past infections over endpoints.
    6. Anti-virus scan report: Admin would be able to get reports about scheduled and on demand AV scan history over endpoints.
    7. Server Support: Windows Server OS support added.
    8. Site Deployment: Admin would be able to generate Windows MSI package for bulk enrollment over Active Directory / domain controller.

    What is improved?
    1. Infection dashboard: Admin would be able to see Windows infections on dashboard in addition to Android infections.
    2. Easy Enrollment: Windows endpoints will be enrolled to CES with one click. CES components will be dynamically managed through profile.
    3. Seamless upgrade of Comodo Endpoint Security: Admin would be able to update old versions of CES on endpoints without losing protection.






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    Amazing job guys!!! Totally FREE Mobile Device Management....Totally FREE Windows management....AMAZING!!!!


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      Hi everyone,

      Admin guide is updated with 4.5 version info. You can check it out right away:


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        @llker looks great but can you tell me what is limited in the 'limited time Windows Endpoint Security Management'
        Do you mean there will be a charge at some point?



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          The basic subscription includes 1 month trial for Windows Endpoint Security Management. You can see a comparison between the Basic and Premium subscriptions here:


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            Hi msitcmatt

            It has only time limitation for Comodo Endpoint Security part of it. There is no feature limitation.

            After one month, you can still use the MDM, MAM, MSM and BYOD part of it for free. Only Windows endpoint protection usage would be charged.

            You can check details from

            CDM Licensing.png
            Attached Files


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              We are interested in trying the Windows endpoint protection, however it is crutial that we can generate a monthly report with infections/actions by device for each company.

              How can we achieve that goal?

              We found on the dm site this: Quickly generate and view extensive reports on discovered threats, device events, user activity, push statistics and more.

              That is what we need, preferably automatic sending to our team on th 1st of every month for evaluation (prior to sending it to the company contact).


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                MiguelSalles ,

                In order to generate a report from CDM you must go to: Reports -> Exports -> Generate -> Device Hardware Inventory Report.

                At the moment this is the only report that is available in CDM. Please try it and let us know if it suits your needs or if you would like for CDM to create additional reports.

                CDM can not send reports automatically, but we can escalate this as a future request.
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                  Hi Scott
                  This report is useful, however we are looking for endpoint security reports. (I have already voted on the technology Committees > Technology Polls, but there is nothing mentioning endpoint security there.



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                    Hi MiguelSalles ,

                    We are already planning on improving the Reports section in CDM and we have also forwarded your feature request regarding automatic reports generating and sending to a specified email.
                    Thank you for your suggestions.


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                      Thank you.
                      We have a business intelligence team available, maybe 15-20 hours/week. If we can be of any help. However they are now specialized on the Microsoft BI platform.


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                        Hi MiguelSalles

                        Thanks for your offer. You can share your ideas or example report formats with us to contribute on this topic. These reports are now under design and would be available in Q1 over CDM.



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                          Where can I find pricing on the end point protection?


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                            The pricing for the Device Management Endpoint protection can be seen with this URL:


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                              Thank you!