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Comodo EDR v0.10.0 has been released

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  • Comodo EDR v0.10.0 has been released


    It's been a little while since we announced the previous release so I think it's about time to bring a new one to the stage.

    This release mostly comprises DB infrastructure improvements which yields in significantly faster queries against anything. Also we introduced "query save" concept to our web portal to enhance user experience.

    Before we jump into details let's start with versioning.
    • Comodo EDR Server 0.10.0
    • Comodo Endpoint Agent
    So what's important for this release?

    Table structure in the DB have been partitioned in a way to serve with an improved performance. Please keep in mind that no data loss has been occurred during the migration process to the newly structured tables.

    New Features In-session Search History

    The queries that users run are now auto saved within a session. In other words, the recent queries that a user has run since the last login are now automatically saved and can be retrieved anytime within the same session. The use case is akin to the auto-history save function of web browsers. For ease of use and intuitiveness the interface is also inspired from web browsers people are quite familiar with.


    On-demand Query Save

    Users are now able to save their queries and recall them anytime they wish. This allows a certain level of customization on queries and improves user experience. When a user writes a query he can press the “save query” button to save his query under a name that he gives.


    He then can recall a query that he previously saved by clicking on “my queries”.


    Resolved Issues

    This release of the software includes the following resolved issues and improvements:

    Issue: Agent service does not restart when a newer version is automatically updated. This causes endpoint agent version not to be updated.
    Resolution: Agent code has been changed so that the existing service is forced to kill followed by a restart to run the binary files and hence update the agent version.

    Issue: More than one agent run simultaneously on the same device after update.New agent version installed in a device does not replace the old one so that you could see both programs running simultaneously.
    Resolution: Agent code has been changed to solve the issue.

    Issue: Poor performance of queries under some circumstances.
    Resolution: Tables in the DB have been partitioned for improved performance. The old data migrated into partitioned DB structure so there has been no data loss.

    I hope we could take your EDR experience one step further. Please stay tuned for the next release.

    Alphan Erten